Mile 14

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Mile 52, Commonwealth Creek, Washington State.

Backseat of Mom & Dad’s car. Driving to Uncle Stevie’s 50th Birthday party.

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Nothing makes me sadder than the death of the mixed tape. Nothing made me happier on a road trip than a good mixed tape. My own were good but the best were the tapes you would get for your birthday. They were perfect in every way- your friends did something totally cool and special for you and didn’t have to spend any money. Terri, Liesel, Krista, Kathy, and Nils were all masters of the mixed tape. They combined great music with super cool mixed tape art. These tapes were where I was introduced to Big Star and Wreckless Eric and The Wipers and Magazine and Syd Barrett and Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart and The Stranglers and The Fall and on and on and on.

My very favorite was from Blackie. It was all for me. DEVIL or ANGEL:

devil or angel