Mile 18

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Mile 54, The Mountaineers Lodge, Washington State.

Backseat of Mom & Dad’s car. Driving to Uncle Stevie’s 50th Birthday party.

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The Mountaineers Lodge with  the Garfield High School Intermediate and Advanced German Language Classes lead by our beloved  Ms. Gibson.  

Intermediates: me, Constance, Cami, Casey, Jennifer, Eric, and Travis. Travis was raising money for his Tunisian fund by asking for change for his Tunisian fund so he could go to Tunisia. I always gave him what I didn’t need for lunch and so did everyone else and he did eventually go. The rest of us had no such lofty ambitions but we did form the oddest and strongest camaraderie. We loved our German pop music mags filled with Falco and Nina and Kajagoogoo. We had absolutely no aptitude for German but developed our huge aptitude for cheating.

The Advanced: Mo, Liesel, Sandy. I always assumed they did not have as much fun as us. Because it was not possible.

We all went to The Mountains together and it was like a blend of The Sound of Music and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I think we made Goulash Soupe and we hiked out onto the snowy slope with our tape deck and listened to U2’s War sitting on boulders in the snow by the giant beer can.