Mile 53


Mile 93, Elk Heights Road, Washington State.

Going to Mike & Staci’s wedding. Backseat of Mom & Dad’s car.

53 map double

Here is a list of cars in chronological order:

Dad’s beautiful Rambler, that was the car we had when we were kids. No car has ever been prettier or more comfortable.
The little red Datsun 510 station wagon. First it was Dad’s, then he gave it to Mo & I when he got the…
Dark blue Chevy Citation. This was the car Dad had us do our Learner’s Permit hours in because he didn’t want to teach us how to use a stick shift (even though we technically already knew).
The chocolate with raspberries colored Datsun 710 station wagon we got after the crash.
The light blue Chevy Citation. Basically a Citation upgrade which coincided with the death of the last Datsun so the dark blue Chevy Citation migrated to Mo & I.
Dark blue Citation died, light blue Citation totaled, I moved to New York City for a couple of years, all of which precipitated a 10 year car-free era for me. Dad had a Honda Acura.
Baby blue Mercury hatchback. I bought it from a friend at work and sold it within months because I inherited a…
Brown Chrysler Le Baron! The Poop Ship! First Aunt Mary’s, then Gramps’, then mine. It died bottoming out over a train track in a parking lot.
My black 1988 Toyota Camry. I love this car, but I think it’s dying.