Mile 103


Mile 119, Badger Pocket, Washington State.

103 map grey double

Driving to Mike & Staci’s wedding. In the backseat of my parents’ car.

The I-90 Project began on this trip. The project began not out of purpose, but rather out of desperation.

It had been a long time since I had done the drive with my parents. My parents and I have very different road personalities. They have The Routine, which suits them. And when tagging along one must partake in The Routine.

A part of The Routine which I have yet to mention is Nero Wolfe. I have no problem with listening to audiobooks on the road, but the only books my parents listen to while driving are Nero Wolfe mysteries. There is nothing on earth more irritating than a Nero Wolfe audiobook. The narration is terrible. The guy who reads it speaks with one of those super broad American accents, sort of like when an English actor does an American accent and sounds like a gangster from prohibition-era Chicago. And I hate Nero Wolfe the character. And the mysteries are totally predictable.

My solution to deal with Nero Wolfe was to create an isolation chamber in the back seat. I put on my headphones and turned the music WAY up, I tried to read but reading on the winding pass is too much for my late-onset car sickness to handle. So I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures through the window.