Mile 128


Mile 126, Ryegrass Summit, Washington State.

128 map black double

Driving to Mike & Staci’s wedding. The backseat of my parents’ car. 2010.

I once was very close to someone who told me it was in poor taste for an artist to openly like their own work. They were wrong.

I love this photograph. I think it is beautiful and dreamy. I love how everything is disconnected.

Clyfford Still is one of my art heroes. He cared deeply about his work and protected it. I like the story about him going to the house of a former friend to whom he had given a painting. He disagreed with the direction his friend was taking -getting sucked into the insincere commercial side of the art world. He felt that his former friend was no longer a good owner of his work so he walked into his house and cut the canvas off the frame.

He grew up in Spokane, and you can see the blankness and color of Eastern Washington in his work. Especially when you get into The Scablands across the river.