Mile 597


Mile 594, Centennial Avenue, Butte, Montana.

map 597

Driver: Mom & Dad. Returning home from Uncle Stevie’s 50th Birthday. Spring 2011.

The idiosyncratic beauty of Butte draws me to visit regularly. I love to wander the hill and flat for days taking photographs and drawing what I find.

8-9-2014 Butte, Irish Festival-76

8-12-2014 Butte-690

The Speculative Truth_04

The Speculative Truth_06

8-9-2014 Butte, Irish Festival-86

The Speculative Truth_05

The Speculative Truth_07

The Speculative Truth_08

The Speculative Truth_01

The Speculative Truth_02

8-0-2014 Seeley and Butte-535



8-9-2014 Butte, Irish Festival-81