Mile 891


Mile 907, Division Street, Spokane, Washington.

map 891

Driver: Mom & Dad. Returning home from Uncle Stevie’s 50th Birthday. Spring 2011.

I have reached Spokane again. And just like when actually driving it feels like I am almost home.

Coming out from Butte, this section is very heavy with slips of text taken from James Joyce’s Ulysses. As Butte leaves you with a distinct Irish feel there is also quite a bit of Seamus Heaney and William Butler Yeats. Plus the usuals: Robert Browning, Emily Bronte, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Carl Sandburg, John Keats, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Matthew Arnold, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and especially Alfred, Lord Tennyson and William Wordsworth. In addition, the dramatic, almost Gothic, nature of Montana led to a sprinkling of Dante Alighieri and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Still the eternal Thought
So tremulously like a dream
I would shatter

A waking dream of life and light
Sudden, vast, candescent
Fell from the awakened Earth
Like music in the air
Its glory draws

Quiet and light
On the Cruising Cloud
Up and takes the morning
Into this breathing world
Shaking my heart
Shakes the memory

Experimented with infinity
Images and memories
The more the more
And the world is taken by surprise

We see no color
About that melancholy storm
Life piled on life
Lays upon my heart

From our deep dream
The magic solitude
Now has gone away

An echo in the sun
Out of the wind and air
Restored my earth to joy

I hear the ruin of all space
And vanished into where they seemed to start
Flash of a million miles

Never mind silent fields
Saunter, with bounds
Through the morning peace

Treasures endlessly possessed
To fade away like morning
Within the shade
All external grace
Beauty flows away
Fade far away, dissolve
Into the universal valley
Gentle lamentation falls
The interdicted Land

Always meeting ourselves
Among the wastes of time
A reflection in a glass

At will throughout a world
This unriddled wonder
Of wild air
On uplands far away

The unhidden heart
For ever and forever
Between Eternity and Time –
My tears are like the quiet drift

I have dreamed of joy departed
Roll over to the sun
Dreaming on things to come

Heaven above my head
Till I am firm in Heaven
Of end and of aim
A stifled splendor and gloom
Behind, a dream
A gaze blank and pitiless

Flash upon the hill
From those embattled angels
Of sound and fury
Exonerating, exonerated

Neither here nor there
See the shadowy lines
Shimmering on the dim tide

Streams turn back
I am another now
The eternal note of sadness
Trembled from afar-
It is so sad and beautiful

Folded away in the memory
Here is a little forest
With the quiet of the sky
All so excellently fair

Of the world and all the wonder
Quite perspicuous and extremely fair
Ever-changing sound and light
A joyful dawn blew free
Kissing with golden face

Hunkerins, tensings, pressures
Taken root in the hard stone
The distant past be present still
Where the sublime soars forth

Stands up and takes the morning
Thoughts of more deep seclusion
Roll over to the sun

In spirit better
Will to the world impart
Up high and dry

At times a passing thought
Being is without end
Weave and unweave
Noiseless into the deep night

Far down beneath a winding
Beautiful and bright
The wild unrest

In that dream I dreamt
So sweet, the sense
Past, present, future, all appeared

Go, with sun or moon
Distance, near, far, flat
Set things straight

As I wandered by the way
In the silence of the morning
A whisper down the field
One of those heavenly days

Is Time long past
That traced that line
‘Tis very sweet

Forever lost to me
Nothing there is motionless

Shine in the Sun
Many a glorious morning
At last a picture
Breaking the golden

Of some infinitely gentle
In the flood of remembrance
The time whistles blew
Tranquil brightness

Whose gentle will has changed
Boundless and bare
Tempered with delight

Far off, and near
In half-dreams that shift and roll
A little step beyond
The uses of my soul

Too rare, too rare
Some morning, unaware
Into the future far

Warm the hills
A vision in a dream
As wakeful as the stars

Cannot be undone
The day is come
The boom of the tingling
Use power with power

Fetch back thoughts that stray
Save the airs
I touched a thought
And shoulder toward the sky

The world may stain
Unwind the winding path
This day shall gentle
Till the distance folds over

The last spirit of the age of gold
Rising calm and bright
Watcher of the skies
Immeasurably at peace

At that sweet time
The reminiscence comes
Swaying to and fro

To look into the fair
Signifying nothing
Our fancies hang grey
Form of forms

When Summer is green
Roam securely, teachable, serene
Drive the wild processionals
Every moment, lightly shaken

There is another sky
Made for our searching
In the shining of the stars
Arises from its measured motion
Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.

Upon a lonesome wild
Of unremembered pleasure
That cross and cross across
Ever sprung
Old and moving

Burn, as it burns within
The long result of Time
Never mind faded forests
Through the unquiet Heaven
And soul is in a manner all that is

For changeless laws
For ever grew
As if the world were wholly fair
And all the air is filled

One is at one with one who once

All my grief flows from the rift
Through the enamoured air
Now is the time
Turned back upon the past
And the heart that fed

With some uncertain notice
Watch the movement of the world
An actuality of the possible as possible
That broke the silent air
Then look around, and choose

Behind me rose the day
Over the airy shore
The secret of their art
Innocent and bold

I dreamed that
First hour, first moment
A pause of deepest silence

When this sweet day is gone
Amid the lingering light
Between the day and the night
The only constant in a world of change

Through a long absence
In the sound a thought
Pass on and on, and go
After the commanded journey

Caught up into love
Through the spaces of the dark
Shy of brightness
Splendour, & the mask

By the sweet season
Born but to smile & fall
Our past is clean forgot

As I suffer from the shocks
The deep, the low, the pleading
Gleams and is gone

Sweet though in sadness
To make an end
Keep watch above the flowers

The forward-flowing tide of time
And obliterated echo
May all the stars hang bright

With a wild surmise
Smokeless altars of the mountain

The future, ere it comes
Shall strike from star to star
Against the blinding wall
Silence was his Sentence

Come down, and beyond
Flatter the mountain-tops
Glimmering and vast
Bare to the eye of heaven

Somewhere or other
To move along the edges
Like a parting cloud

Make glad and sorry
Visit it by moments
It would crumble

Vague on the bright skyline
And still I dream
Of all this unintelligible world
The Sun sprang forth

I see what was, and is, and will abide
And felt along the heart
A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
Within the eventual element of calm
Silent with love

Upon all space: space
Tremulous shudderings
Of unremembered skies

The sole unquiet thing
The dust of the travelled road
Bold and lovely

All winds go sighing
With sanctifying sweetness
One low sigh

The blue regions of the air
That far above me float and pause
A part infects the whole
For it was in the golden prime

Thought is the thought of thought
A dream by day
You search the wide world over
And there is another sunshine

Of living treasures endlessly possessed
Silence was the song of love
Of the future day-

Speed, and rejoice!
I cannot, cannot go

Though it be darkness there
Whatever light may shine

Brightest sunshine round me spread
I touched the earth
Another world, another universe
Of glory & of good
With tranquil restoration

A light to guide
Rises yonder, silent
With a sudden storm of sighs-
Serene, speeding, sustained

A soft and doleful air
A soul with the soul
The new upon the old
Such is the fate of the artless

A colour and a light
A veil of light is drawn

Each single moment touch eternity
Trusting to the mild-eyed stars

The habit of my soul
A darkness shining in brightness which brightness could not comprehend

What dreams may come
Shadows in the water
Nameless, unremembered
What is, is